Crafting against my usual

When we put up our Christmas tree, I hadn’t thought of what I was blocking in, not to be seen till January, and I’ve managed to trap all my card blanks, my non-christmassy scrapbooking papers, my Big Shot and dies, my spare adhesives and most of my card stock!

I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms (and I’ve tried, moving a decorated tree can’t happen 😀), but it’s making me look at kits I’ve had for ages and not touched, and the lovely paper its I tend to shy away for some reason, and use my Scan’N’Cut – to the poor cat’s disgust.

One of the papercrafting kits I had was Papermania’s Victorian Christmas. The imagery is just gorgeous, traditional and muted colours, Santas who make you feel likes good child waiting for your stocking to be filled.

I am not a huge fan of decoupage; I get frustrated when I can’t get a card in an envelope, but I aso usually prefer more simple, cleaner designs. My Victorian Christmas collection contains an A4 decoupage pack, and it seemed a shame to waste it.

As I said, my card blanks and cardstock are trapped. I’ve made several card fronts to stick on when I can, but I’ve been making gift tags from my decoupage pack. I’ve been a bit eager and already delivered a couple of gifts with them attached before I remembered I need photos, so only 2 to show.

One way I use decoupage in a way which iis more me, less fiddly, is to build up the layers without 3d foam or silicone glue, and I have tosay it’s by far my favourite way.

14 thoughts on “Crafting against my usual

  1. Idle Emma

    I’ve also been using the Victorian Christmas pack this year, made a lot of Christmas cards from it – it’s such a lovely set! I’m not too big into decoupage either because it makes for bulky cards so I’ve actually been making multiple cards from one decoupage sheet. It’s a great way of making supplies last if your stuck!

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  2. linda

    I love these santas! I don’t decoupage cards often, but when I did, I didn’t use foam between the layers because it looked 3D enough without it. Have fun playing with your supplies when you can reach them again.


  3. Nancee56

    Oh what pretty tags! I would go absolutely insane if I couldn’t craft! LOL! I am so thankful that we had a spare bedroom that I turned into my own little space for crafting! I would probably be out shopping for more supplies so I could keep crafting! LOL! πŸ™‚

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      1. Nancee56

        With our daughter married and in her own I was able to claim one if the other bedrooms. LOL. When she lived at home I had just a small area to store my things. I guess it pays to grow older. πŸ˜‚

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