Simple thank you

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was lucky enough to inherit a huge craft stash frtom a friend of my mother in law just before Christmas. Time constraints have meant I was only just able to make a thank you card for the donator, but having to wait meant one of my presents got its first outing.

I don’t know the lady who gave me her stash at all (not even her name, have had to text mother in law to find out who to write it to!), but I feel that the insights her stash gave me helped to make a slightly less impersonal card. 

I received the Pollyanna Pickering Farmyard Days paper crafting kit from his Lordship for Christmas and I just love these piggies, they seem cheeky and friendly to me. The sentiment was from the same kit.

The papers I used were all from my inherited stash, including thge matting layers. I sometimes like to use loads of layers and make a complex, layered creation, but I know this isn’t to all tastes (or very friendly on a post-December pocket when posting) so I chose to keep this very simple with only 2 patterned papers. 

The pattern on green paper reminded me of hay being strewn around, so seemed fitting for the main background for the piggies. I wanted something which contrasted, but gently, and which complemented the colours of the topper and this peachy dotty paper fit the bill well.

In order to add a bit of interest, I decided to use 3 squares of papers in sizes decreasing by 2cm at a time so that each layer showed off the paper. I placed the topper towards the bottom right hand corner, keeping a roughly 1cm border as that was the border around each layer of squares and I like designs to hang together.

The ribbon was also inherited. It’s a lovely champagne colour organza with a slight sheen. I wrapped it around the top of the card, approximately 1.5cm down. I added a bow, and when digging iin my new ribbon box I found wired roses and felt a rose centre for my bow girlified the card a little more.

Finally, I added three little crystals to the end of the sentiment (it was the second try, apparently my cat likes the taste of the glue 😕) and stuck it to the ribbon.

Fingers crossed the lovely lady likes pigs! 


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