Crafty’s adventures in colourland

My crafty new year’s resolutions are many, but include making better use of my collection of stamps. I realise I am months late, but I was inspired by the bloggers showing their 30 days of colouring back in November 2016. Even after work, I have time to colour a little image. 

His Lordship bought me a gorgeous art set, which includes a lovely range of coloured pencils. This adds to my fairly small collection of Spectrum Noir pens and a set of their pencils. I tend to avoid colouring, so often don’t have the necessary shades and then I get frustrated when I can’t make my project look right.

One of my Christmas presents to myself was the Rare Earth Load and Fold, a nifty little gadget to help with precise positioning of stamps and to help get a nice, crisp image (including filling in any spots you missed). I have spent a happy hour prepping lots of images to colour, and have so far managed one image a day.

They may not be technically brilliant, or even good, but I am pleased with my efforts so far, and the biggest thing is that I am really enjoying the process and finding it very relaxing.


12 thoughts on “Crafty’s adventures in colourland

  1. CraftDee Handmade Cards

    These are really cute and inspiring! I have a huge collection of stamps myself and this gives me a couple great ideas as to how I could incorporate something similar to these into a Keepsake card for a couple different life events, (i.e. Retirement, Get Well, etc).
    Thanks for sharing!

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      1. CraftDee Handmade Cards

        When I put my thoughts together in an actual draft card (depending on my success) I would like to post it on my blog, crediting you with the creative inspiration. I really like these little stamp cards.

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  2. scrappyescapades

    I have the same frustrations that you have. My coloring supplies are limited to a set of watercolor pencils and my Distress inks. As much as I would like to have a range of Copics, that is just too big of an investment. So, for now, the stamps don’t get used often enough.

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  3. Nancee56

    I’m so glad you are finding time to color! I hope to do more coloring this year also. I did participate in the 30 day coloring challenge and was amazed at how much fun, and how relaxing it was. On the plus side, I used a lot of stamps that I had, but hadn’t used. A great way to use those “ignored” stamps! I find it so relaxing…no matter what medium you use. You can achieve a lot with just a few colors. By laying the color and altering the pressure you when you color with colored pencils, you can make a lot of different shades of the same color. It’s not so much the pencils, as it is the paper. Some paper works better with colored pencils than others, but you can color on just about any paper. When I first started buying my Copics, I would buy them in “shades”. I would purchase three shades of a color, a dark, a medium, and a light. You really don’t need a lot of them. I’m looking forward to see all of your creations. 🙂

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  4. littleamanda7609

    I recently had the complete set of Spectrum Noir pens AND the pencils. I love stamping and want to do more and I need a swift kick up the rear end. I am going to prep some images this weekend and then colour them in.
    One of my wishes this year is to finally make a design team, so far no luck!

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