My stamping magic tool

I bought myself an early Christmas present, it was meant to help me with my last minute festive cards but I ran out of time, so a January goal was to use it.

This present was the Rare Earth Load and Fold. I bought mine from Create and Craft, but last time I checked they didn’t have any in stock. I got a rectangular one and a square one in the same pack for Β£19.99.

The Load and Fold is a really simple but clever tool designed to help you stamp perfectly

    1. Place your stamp on the inside of the L&F, the side with lines to assist you in getting the placement right. 
    2. Apply ink to your stamp
    3. Place the paper/card you’re stamping on into the other side of the L&F. There’s a little lip to help keep it in place, but feel free to use low tack tape to keep it steady if you want (I do if it’s a fiddly little bit I’m using).
    4. Close the L&F 
    5. Gently apply pressure over your stamp
    6. Open your L&F. If you have missed a bit of the image, here’s where the magic comes in – simply shut the tool again and apply pressure to the area you’d missed, the paper and stamp will be iin the exact same place so you won’t end up with a shadow or other smudged look

    Et voila. My stamping magic tool explained. I’ve fallen in love with iit, makes stamping absolutely foolproof, and His Lordship can use it too! I’ve prepared a pile of images ready to colour.


    16 thoughts on “My stamping magic tool

    1. CraftDee Handmade Cards

      How cool is that! I have got to get one! I have a bunch of stamps that I would love to use BUT I have always had issues with getting my images “straight”. This tool would definitely bring my stamp collection back to life!

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    2. Idle Emma

      Ooh, I think I need to get one of those! I keep seeing people use the MISTI stamping tool when I watch YouTube videos but those are so expensive to buy online (so hard to get things here in Ireland!) so I’ve been trying to find a cheap alternative.

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    3. PaperPuff

      I saw them advertised but never watched a demo. I was wondering how similar it was to a MISTI too. I thought they were more for people who batch make cards and need them all the same, but maybe not, and maybe I need one too now!

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      1. Isn't She Crafty Post author

        I get frustrated if i miss a bit of an image (filling in with fineliner doesn’t do it properly) so avoided more complex stamps, but this gets rid of the issue. I’m actually not sure if it or my Big Shot is my most useful crafty purchase!

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        1. PaperPuff

          Good to know what another crafter thinks of it – thanks! I think my Big Shot will come to my grave with me, hand still gripped tightly around it!

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    4. Happy Ink Designs

      Don’t you just love this?!!? I couldn’t live without mine now. I accidentally deleted your comment on my post, I’m so sorry. I tried getting it back, but I couldn’t. I just wanted you to know that I didn’t do it on purpose. Thanks for the comment though!! I’m always looking for new, interesting people to follow so at least it brought me to your blog!! lol =)

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    5. Nancee56

      Any tool that helps you stamp better and get creative is a plus! I’ve had a Misti, which is very similar, for some time and I almost always use it for my stamping…if it doesn’t stamp well the first time, you can always ink up and stamp it again to get a clear entire image stamped. I think no matter which one you buy, they are a must for any stamper! πŸ™‚

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        1. Nancee56

          I agree. They are a little pricey. If you can get something that can do the same things at a lower price you are better off. When I bought my Misti there were no other options available. πŸ™‚

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    6. rustyblue85

      OOH!!! This is genius!!!! I’ve been looking at the MISTI and not taken the plunge, but this looks like a cheaper option that I might be able to get for my niece too (she loves cardmaking and stamping and I got her a Spellbinders Sapphire and she LOVES it!!) I will investigate further!! x

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    7. craftysmell2015

      I just ordered a precision press from weRmemorykeepers. It looks a very similar thing. I wanted a MISTI but they are so expensive! I also have that teddy stamp with the just for you sentiment! Love your stamped image all ready to go.

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