Upcycled stamp storage

I apologise for the long gap since my last post. Such a busy week: brother finally diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum on Tuesday (he’s 28, I’ve been pushing for an assessment since he was 16); fertility appointment Wednesday – still no signs of a baby and we’ve got a date for IVF consent clinic, but they’ve decided to try IUI first, scans Wednesday and Thursday, then they did first procedure friday; worked all weekend. 

A week of minimal crafting is hard. I don’t realise how much my crafts relax me. I have every intention of staying in my pyjamas, drinking tea and crafting all day today!

Last week I got my latest present from Create and Craft, the Dreamees Extravagant Ensemble which included, among other treats, 2 papercraft CDs, an A4 paper pack and 5 stamp sets.

My stamps have been living in a magazine rack, Christmas ones in a separate one, but it’s bursting at the seams and I was starting to fret that my precious stash is suffering. 

On Sunday morning I took the last pouches of cat food from Kye’s box, and inspiration struck…

The box is slightly bigger than even my biggest stamps, and comes with ready-made dividers! It just needs to be prettified and neatened up. 

I cut two sheets of 12×12 scrapbooking paper in half and used ModPodge to stick them onto the sides of my box, then put several layers of ModPodge (leaving plenty of time to dry between) on the bottom where the papers ended, I didn’t feel the need to decorate the bottom, it’ll not be seen.

Whilst waiting for the glue to dry, I used my funky duct tapes to decorate and reinforce the dividers. 

Once the bottom was totally dry and I was happy that the papers weren’t going to get scruffy edges through not having been stuck down properly, I used Washi tape to edge the top – I wanted something which would be decorative as well as neaten the edges. It was hard to make the edges neat, next time I will put masking tape over first to give a clean edge, then I can prettify to my heart’s content.

I’ve not quite decided how I’m going to label my stamps, but at least they’re all nice and safe and comfortable, and I can add in more dividers as I want. 


15 thoughts on “Upcycled stamp storage

  1. PaperPuff

    Brilliant idea! Might have to raid the card recycling that I have put out for collection! The end result looks good too, especially when modelled so winningly! I agree that crafting helps. I hope things work out for you. Xxx

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  2. Kim M

    I know how hard trying to get help with the mental health side of things are, years of grief for both my boys, took thirteen years for one diagnosis (more evident), but 34 years for the second, so totally sympathise! Yes I agree crafting helps immensely with stress! Happy Crafting, great make!

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  3. stitchingranny

    There is something just so satisfying when you make a solution to a problem. Anyone can go and buy something but every time you use something you have created yourself it gives you a little buzz. I made a box for holding my embossing machine plates, matts for the cutting machine and other papers, from a cornflakes box and I still love it. Hope you enjoy using your new storage system. I really need to find a better solution for storing my stamps but I have so many.

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  4. Nancee56

    Oh what a clever idea! I have so many stamps, I finally went to the system that Jennifer McGuire uses…those plastic refrigerator bins (divided) (Amazon) and plastic folders that I cut up for dividers! Works great, and not much cost. I hope you have success with your doctors. My husband and I had trouble conceiving. Thirty years ago there wasn’t as many options as their are today. Here’s hoping you have quick success! Your brother is lucky to have such a great person on his side, pushing for the right things! Kudos to you! 🙂 PS – Adorable cat!

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