Distraction breeds creativity

Well I started today 3 hours earlier than I intended, so got some of my chores done early. I had a very grumpy cat when he was kicked out just before 6am, but he ‘helps’ far too much when I clean his litter tray, but I had a very smug feeling when my first load of laundry was out by 7am, kitchen generally cleaned and the dishes drying.

A side effect of my early start was that even after a 3 hour hair appointment, I ended up finishing my to-do list and thought I’d start sorting out the chaos which used to be my oh-so-precious crafty stash. 

I have dreams of having a craft room, or any space, but until a miracle strikes I craft on the living room floor and my stash is dotted around the house. I’m slightly ashamed to admit it, but due to the quantity of things I’ve built up (hugely inflated by the very generous stash I inherited) I can only really access two thirds of my collection and recently was very excited when I bought a paper kit only to find when it arrived ii already had it!

I put Create and Craft on for company/inspiration which is usually dangerous – they’re so good at their jobs and I’m so weak willed – but I resisted temptation. Then I pulled out a large package to sort through it.

The plan was to go through all my piles, label things and make them accessible and make myself a list to remind me what I’ve got to play with. This failed at the first hurdle!

First thing I pulled out of the first package was my Craftwork Cards Noir de Luxe papercrafting kit. I remember being so excited toget this kit, and it lived up to expectations, but got tidied away after I’d only made a couple of cards and has been sadly neglected since.

Well I couldn’t leave the poor beautiful papers again, and the little tag banner book reminded me of the email I’d had yesterday from Mojo Monday, and so my afternoon of sorting out became entering my first ever card challenge!

So, I would like to enter my first Christmas card of 2017 in Mojo Monday #485 challenge. I’ve actually kept very close to the sketch because I really liked how it let the topper talk for itself and I liked how the stars were carried through as a theme.

I used a corrugated gold card in the background as I really wanted the card to feel luxurious and festive. The tag banner, the grey star paper and thge gold stars are all from the Craftwork Cards Noir de Luxe papercrafting kit, and I added in a length of black raffia.


15 thoughts on “Distraction breeds creativity

  1. PaperPuff

    Well done for entering your first challenge! and for getting a Christmas card done too. I reckon that means you are super-organised. Getting a little side-tracked was totally worth it and the card is lovely!

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  2. stitchingranny

    Congratulations on the Mojo Monday challenge card, very nice. I entered this for the first time about three weeks ago, and at the moment I seem to be rather hooked on these card sketches, looking through old ones and using them as a way of using my left over and cut-off stash, which I just cannot throw away.

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    1. Isn't She Crafty Post author

      Thanks. I’ve been getting their email for ages, just never had the courage, then figured I already put some of my makes on my blog, so why not. I really like their sketches, good for when I’m not quite sure what I want to make



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