Sad news

I just wanted to apologise to my lovely blogging friends and followers. I’ll be absent and/or irregular for a while. After the IUI was a success both of us were absolutely made up. I had a scan last week and Dot was small, no discernible heartbeat. They repeated scan this Tuesday and I am so so sad to say I have lost my Little Dot.

I’ve got to go for an operation tomorrow to finish the pregnancy as the meds didn’t work. It’s likely to be a while till I am ready to face the world again


38 thoughts on “Sad news

    1. Isn't She Crafty Post author

      Thank you so much. We’re very lucky that my hospital cremates all miscarried babies below the obligatory time and scatters the ashes in a memorial garden, and a wonderful charity gifts memory boxes. It feels like someone is caring for her still

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  1. Nancee56

    I’m so sorry. I too lost a little one. It would have been our second child. You are not alone and things will work out for you. Hugs and prayers to you!



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