Single layer card

Having taken a leaf from Idle Emma’s book and joined a swapping site, I find myself having international post to send, which whilst exciting is proving expensive, especially due to my tendency to add bows, buttons and other bulky embellishments.

Today’s card was a personal challenge. Make something I like but which has no embellishments, one layer only.

I used my Hunkydory For the Love of Stamps Babushka dolls, picking the ‘stay beautiful’ sentiment because I thought it was sweet, especially for someone who is essentially a stranger. I didn’t have any idea at first of how I wanted the card to look, but I’d chosen a 5×5 card blank which helped my layout. 

The sentiment seemed best central, and I needed to make it pop without lots of matting and layering which is how I’d usually make it obvious. Hmmmm.

I tried laying different size dolls around the sentiment but didn’t like the look, too haphazard without the attractiveness of being random. Then I thought I’d try a sun style layout, with lots of the same size doll forming a circle around the sentiment. I like this, but if I do it again I’ll measure to try to get an element of symmetry, there’s differing size gaps between the dolls.

Because the layout of dolls isn’t symmetrical, I decided to make the colouring different across each, White was easier said than done! I wanted to keep a fairly small, simple colour scheme, but found I was tending to too high a concentration of the same colours in the same area, resulting in me using white to dilute the colour concentration. 

I layered my card front onto red card and attached it to the card front, then looked at my handiwork and thought it’s a bit flat (yes, Michelle, that was the point!), so added a touch of glitter glue to some of the Babushka’s bows.

What do you think? I did manage single layer, ish, but in my defense ii couldn’t have used my spectrum noirs directly onto the card blank as they’d bleed through, and my pencils are a bit subdued for this subject.


17 thoughts on “Single layer card

  1. IdleEmma

    It looks lovely! I really struggle with one layer cards because when in doubt of what to do, I just layer things up xD Maybe I should try my hand with some this week!
    And I think that counts as a one layer card, I do the same because copics will just bleed through like crazy and no one wants that on a card!

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    1. Isn't She Crafty Post author

      Your makes always look relatively flat, maybe they’re just the ones you blog about, and lovely.
      I actually enjoyed the challenge of no layers, I’ll need to get good at it for the sake of my bank balance! You’re a bad influence, but I’m enjoying the swaps

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      1. IdleEmma

        Haha, you’re not the first person who’s said that to me xD But yes, learning to make relatively flat cards is essential if you’re sending them to different countries! I have gotten a bit better with relatively flat cards in the past few months, largely because I’ve been making cards for my Etsy shop and it’s just safer to send flatter cards so I’m not worried about them getting squished in the post. Even with them though, I do often just layer card on top of each other but don’t use foam dots or anything so the true one layer card still eludes me!

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  2. fibee5

    I love the bright colours and well don for going out of your comfort zone, layered cards do look lovely but yea best too keep it flat if posting 🙂

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  3. Crafty Rat

    Well done keeping it to one layer! I always want to add at least a little bit of dimension… If you want to do a pure one layer card with alcohol markers you could colour direct on the card base and then add a piece of card to the inside of the card front to cover the bleed-through.

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      1. Nancee56

        I sometimes use the thinnest fun foam under my images. It is light weight and usually doesn’t add any cost when mailing but does give a little depth to the card.

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