Orange, bling and o so summery

I have talked in a couple of recent posts about the sequined sequin card from Create and Craft and how I’ve always used it in small quantities as wow accents on cards. 

This card collection is so blingy and gorgeous, but I find it a little intimidating. I set myself the challenge of using sequin card as the main focal point of my card.

I am not an orange or mustard colour girl – redhead, it clashes – but I do love this very 1960s/70s dotty pattern and the colour is really striking. I had chosen the card, but had no idea what I was going to do with it.

A quick look on my Pinterest card sketches board and I found a nice, simple layout which I decided to play with. I am sorry, the sketch has got lost in my 1000+ pins and I can’t find it.

The design called for three ribbons of some description up the left hand side of the card. Because of how detailed and ‘big’ the main card was, I wanted to keep accents more subtle. I have a pack of pearlescent Hunkydory Adorable Scorable which had an orange and a yellow which were really good matches for the tones in the sequined card, but I struggled at first to find a third colour and it loomed a little bland. I tried several colours against the card until I came across this purple blue from the same card pack, and I really like the contrast.

I wanted a very big statement sentiment. Originally I intended it to be in the purple blue, but it was much too heavy and dark. I kind of like the orange; who knew a bright orange could be subtle?! 

The rosette was added because I found the card a bit bland without something to decorate the top, as was a sequin to the ‘I’ of birthday. When I send the card, I will decorate the rosette with a button or gem, or an initial or age, not sure who’d like something this in your face yet.

I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone with little bits of bling as an accent. Challenge completed!


13 thoughts on “Orange, bling and o so summery

  1. PaperPuff

    I thought exactly the same about the sequin card when I saw it on TV – how would I use it? You are converting me though. It really does work well as the base card here and the stripes are a good contrast. I guess we should all challenge ourselves more often!

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    1. Isn't She Crafty Post author

      The sequined card brought out my inner magpie, then I sat making it shine for ages, it took a couple of weeks to use it. I actually really like how wow it made such a simple card with extremely little effort

      Liked by 1 person

  2. uglybugplans

    Wow that has such a nice effect to the paper and I think you rocked the over all look. An age on the rosette sound like it will finish it off perfectly x

    Liked by 1 person


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