Can a flamingo be a masculine card decoration?

I am sorry I’ve not posted in a while, life has caught up with me a bit. Hubby and I had a failed fertility treatment back at the beginning of June and it really got me down, had another last week so fingers and everything crossed and taking extra good care of the maybe baby till Wednesday when we find out if it worked.

I have been crafting, and reading your posts, just not felt up to sharing.I’ve got one quick, simple card to show you today, and a couple of pics I hope may make you smile.

I recently bought a little bundle of Trimcraft dies from Create and Craft. This fabulous flamingo, and the happy birthday sentiment, were included. I know that flamingoes are pink, but I haven’t cut them in pink yet, they just look so wow in metallics. 

This card is the result of me cutting all my new dies and being left with a stack of die cut shapes I wasn’t really sure what to do with. His Lordship decided to make a conga line of flamingoes, it had him giggling and me inspired.

I simply lay the flamingoes chest to tail across a piece of blue card, 4 looked strange, 5 far too much, so 3 it is. The blue seemed to set them off really well. Paler colours were a bit washed out, black much too harsh. I wanted a very simple design so didn’t try my patterned papers.

I wanted the flamingoes to take centre stage, so cut the card precisely around them, trying to make them pop. I love square cards, so I cut the card the same height 112×112 mm). I simply matted and layered my blue square onto a silver square, another blue square and a final silver square, this leaves a wide white border on the finished card, but I quite like that. I used much thicker borders than my norm, approximately 5mm for each silver layer, 7mm for the middle blue. 

Finally, I chose a silver happy birthday from the pile of precut shapes, but after a lot of muttering and grumbling trying to stick it (it’s gorgeous, but very fiddly) I recut it using a double sided 3d foam sheet on the back for ease of sticking and a touch of depth.

I’m really pleased with this card, much more clean and simple than I usually manage. The blue and silver, and the simplicity, shout male card at me, but can a flamingo be a masculine card decoration?
And a couple of pics:

Kye came to ‘help’ me make Christmas cards with some of the remains of last year’s Kanban foiled card…

And this was the look I got when I dared to try to use a piece of his card


12 thoughts on “Can a flamingo be a masculine card decoration?

  1. quietwatercraft

    Well I’m against the whole idea of ‘boy things’ and ‘girl things’, so I’m kinda biased πŸ˜‰ I reckon this would work as a card for a man though, even if they do believe in ‘girl things’. It’s gorgeous and stylish, I love the simplicity and the contrast of the blue and silver πŸ™‚
    I hope this treatment goes well for you – sending all my hugs and positive thoughts your way

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  2. Gerri Baker

    I LOVE this!! So much of our crafty supplies are flowery and frilly, so it is sometimes hard to keep things gender neutral. I live that you’ve taken something that’s usually pink & made it work for anyone! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

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  3. Kathy Crafts TV

    Yey! So pleased you got this die set. It’s my favourite collection of Dovecraft dies (to date – there are more on the horizon …. watch this space!). Your card looks beautiful. This happy birthday die is very useful, but I agree can be fiddly. I’ve been using a glue pen with mine or, even better putting double sided tape on the back of my card before die cutting and use it like a peel off. Much easier. I wish you both all the best with your treatment and hope everything goes to plan for you this time.

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    1. Isn't She Crafty Post author

      I hadn’t thought of a glue pen. I’ve been using Jodie Johnson’s trick of covering the back of my hand in PVA and dipping the die cut in it, it has the added bonus of ticking the pleasing the inner child box when I peel it off later! The double sided foam helped loads.
      I’ve had far more use from the sugar skull die from this collection than I thought I would, and I’ve surprised myself by not using the unicorn yet. I love them, such useful little dies and but so well

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      1. Kathy Crafts TV

        That’s what’s lovely about buying the dies in a collection, there will be some that you don’t think you need but you’ll be glad you have them when you do. That’s my excuse anyway!!! I tried the glue on hand but I use acrylic glue not pva and it was a tad painful getting it off after 😩

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  4. stitchingranny

    Anything can be a male card. My husband loves birds so he always gets birds on a card, and lots of other men like them too. Even flowers can be for a male if they like them – it hasn’t got blink and its very striking so why not.
    My neighbours daughter had twin girls 7 weeks ago on her very last attempt at fertility treatment so don’t give up hope. Will keep everything crossed or you and hope the results are what you want them to be.

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