Sugar sweet sugar skulls

I bought a gorgeous set of Trimcraft dies recently. I wanted the unicorn more than anything, and loved the peacock, butterflies and flowers are always useful… spend justified.

There was a Mexican sugar skull die in the collection, very detailed and beautiful, but I didn’t see much use in my crafting. That was till I cut it. I love it! I’ve been adding skulls to so much.

Here is the very first card I made with my new sugar skull die. 

The die is so ornate that I wanted to keep the rest of the card very simple. I love this matt gold, a Kanban stash essential. It was one of the first things I reached for when I was trying the cuts of the dies.

 I teamed the gold skull with pink mirri board from the stash I inherited. I decided to inlay the skull, wanting it at the top rather than central, so I cut a skull from the middle of the top third (and now have a lovely pink skull for another project).

At first I was going to use a plain black card for the background, but it was lacking wow, so I dug through my stash and found this black starry card which was packaging I rescued from the recycling ages back. I glued the pink card down first, then carefully applied glue to the back of the skull and fit it in the negative space. I could have pieced the pink decorative elements back in, but I like the black showing through.

I chose a black ribbon with white edging to decorate the card, tying it across the bottom third of the card. Finally, I used my Dymo label printer to make a sentiment sticker, hola seemed appropriate.


13 thoughts on “Sugar sweet sugar skulls

  1. Crafty Rat

    Love the colour scheme – you have a really good eye for matching cards and papers together… When I look at this card I just want to move the skull and bow closer together so it looks like a skull and cross bones πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person


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