Experiments with my Scan’n’Cut

I’m ashamed to say that my Scan’n’Cut spends a lot of time sitting gathering dust. I love it, but it’s a bit too clever and daunting for me, and the mats lose their sticky very quickly (perils of being owned by a cat, his hair gets everywhere) which has cost me a few projects to my consternation. Most of what I use it for is cutting mats and layers, it’s great being able to cut perfectly with my own increments, not ones dictated by die size.

Every so often I have good intentions about using it more, often when I see it being demo-ed on Create and Craft. Today was one of those days.

First, I drew for the first time. I chose three images from the Glitz and Glam USB which I fancied as stamped images and set it to drawing them on plain white card. I tried the colouring option on the plane, it’s covered a lot of the detail link although paler than the original lines so they’re still visible. At first I was unmoved but looking at these again I am increasingly keen on the effect.

Next, I thought I’d try emulating cards I like which focus on one large sentiment, so I chose two of the preset words – Happy Birthday and Noel. I shrank them slightly from the set size, then cut them from Kanban red mirri board. 

As I was removing the cuts from the sticky mat, I realised that I real like the negatives too, so played with masking tape to keep the bits in place ready to be made into cards. 

The cut outs, I mounted on Kanban foiled sentiment card with complementary themes – more birthday words and presents. I kept the cards themselves very simple to really show off the sentiment and the shininess.

I used scraps from my inherited stash for the background for this

A very simple easel card. I mounted the Kanban sentiment card on a piece of white paper with red polka dots and then layered this onto a piece of gold card. The stopper is a scrap from the Kanban foiled card and three punched balloons.

I was chuffed with these, the big bold sentiment appealed. I had a bit of time left, I had intended to play with the machine more, but I used the negatives instead. Still simple and very shiny cards, pretty though.


7 thoughts on “Experiments with my Scan’n’Cut

  1. littleamanda7609

    Oh I really like what you have been doing here. I do not have a Scan and Cut. I have looked but I actually like doing things by hand and even though it would be wonderful not to fussy cut I’m thinking about all the things I’d use it for and to be honest at the moment I am not coming up with much. Don’t get me wrong its a great system but I am happy with what I do. However I am sure if I won the thing I’d be playing to my hearts content.

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    1. Isn't She Crafty Post author

      I love fussy cutting, I find it really relaxing, but the Scan’n’Cut is perfect for those shapes I can’t cut well (mainly circles and ovals). It was a gift from His Lordship who is a huge techhie x


  2. Nancee56

    Oh those are great! I have a Crircut but seldom use it anymore. I have had my eye on the Scan and Cut but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Seeing these makes me inch closer to making that purchase! Great cards and great use of all the cut pieces! šŸ™‚

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  3. quietwatercraft

    I’m definitely adding one of these to my Christmas list. Cutting out is my least favourite part of card making – with my shaky hands it never turns out quite as neat as I want it to.
    They’re such gorgeous cards! It’s great when you can use the negatives just as well as the cut outs šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person


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