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Crafting against my usual

When we put up our Christmas tree, I hadn’t thought of what I was blocking in, not to be seen till January, and I’ve managed to trap all my card blanks, my non-christmassy scrapbooking papers, my Big Shot and dies, my spare adhesives and most of my card stock!

I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms (and I’ve tried, moving a decorated tree can’t happen 😤), but it’s making me look at kits I’ve had for ages and not touched, and the lovely paper its I tend to shy away for some reason, and use my Scan’N’Cut – to the poor cat’s disgust.

One of the papercrafting kits I had was Papermania’s Victorian Christmas. The imagery is just gorgeous, traditional and muted colours, Santas who make you feel likes good child waiting for your stocking to be filled.

I am not a huge fan of decoupage; I get frustrated when I can’t get a card in an envelope, but I aso usually prefer more simple, cleaner designs. My Victorian Christmas collection contains an A4 decoupage pack, and it seemed a shame to waste it.

As I said, my card blanks and cardstock are trapped. I’ve made several card fronts to stick on when I can, but I’ve been making gift tags from my decoupage pack. I’ve been a bit eager and already delivered a couple of gifts with them attached before I remembered I need photos, so only 2 to show.

One way I use decoupage in a way which iis more me, less fiddly, is to build up the layers without 3d foam or silicone glue, and I have tosay it’s by far my favourite way.


Beano shoes!


I am a shoe fiend.  Always have been. I actually bought my wedding shoes before I got the dress! But it’s an expensive love, I like the quirky ranges which tend to start from £50.

In Primark yesterday I found a stupidly cheap pair of white stilettos. I don’t do white, and definitely don’t do plain white shoes, but I thought for the price of a cup of tea I can unleash my crafty side…

You need:
A comic – I bought a Beano. Roger the Dodger and Minnie the Minx are two of my favourite characters ever (I’m a red head, like my pigtails, wear a lot of red and black… Minnie is my idol)
A comfy pair of shoes
Mod Podge – I went for the green one, the outdoor variety as I know my shoes are likely to get wet
A paint brush


How to:
1) Cut pictures from your comic. I find it works best with a range of full square images and individually cut out characters and words.
2) Make sure your shoes are clean and dry. If they’re patent, sand them slightly to help the glue stick
3) Begin sticking pictures onto your shoe. It’s easier to do larger areas first, making sure you cover the top of the shoe and stick image onto inside of shoe.
4) When sticking, ensure you push all the edges of the paper down.


5) Keep going until you have covered the whole shoe.


6) Using the individually cut pictures and words, fill in gaps and add interest as your heart desires. I especially liked the pink ‘blam’ so wanted it somewhere obvious


7) Add a layer of Mod podge over the top of all the images, making sure and edges are sealed down  and allow to dry (4 hours or more. Be patient).
8) Gently sand the surface of both shoes. You’re aiming to smooth out any air bubbles or brush strokes.
9) Time to add another coat! Again, letting it dry fully.
10) A final coat and you’re ready to wow the world with your creation