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Playing with a freebie

Who doesn’t love a freebie? One of my favourite things about the Create and Craft club is the members’ gifts which are available periodically. I like that there are different things, some which I’d not buy otherwise, some which are just a real treat.

The most recent gift was a gorgeous 8×8 paper pad Raspberry Ripple from Paper Boutique. I have several trees worth of paper, but I just love it. I can spend ages just looking at my favourite collections, especially smelling them (His Lordship finds it strange, but I’ve heard lots of other crafters admit to the same). As soon as I saw the gift, it was in my basket and on its way.

My copy of the club magazine arrived a couple of days ago. It included inspiration on using the members’ gift as well as information on a discount on further Raspberry Ripple items. I decided not to buy the toppers, I have a growing collection of dies and stamps, and my underused Scan’n’Cut, so thought I’d be able to complement the papers with my existing stash.

Today was D-Day and my gift arrived. Cup of tea in hand – held well away from my precious papers – I stroked the papers and admired tge patterns. I spent a happy couple of hours playing, and here are the results:

I like using negatives where possible, i was pleased with how the papers hang together here

This was cased from one of the samples in the magazine, i changed the orientation, paper, sentiment shape and decoration. I really like this

A simple little notelet using a Tim Holtz die for a sentiment

This is my absolute. I usesd my Tim Holtz ‘beautiful’ die again. The black really seems to pop. I do like the spiral flowers, too, they’re less fussy than a lot of others

lacking inspiration

My father in law is turning 70 this week. I know his interests, I know the colours he likes, I have suitable stamps, dies and paper kits, but I have two blank cards (making one from my mum to him, too).

Usually I love making cards, I think of it as a form of therapy for myself, it helps me relax and focus on thge here and now. I’ve been making other cards this week, a couple of wedding ones are drying as I type. But those two cards still remain blank.

Men are harder for me, but I generally enjoy the challenge, and ewhen I get stuck turn to Pinterest for inspiration. I’ve looked, but those two cards still remain blank.
I think I might be trying too hard. You’re only 70 once, they’re memory box cards, seen by lots of people. I’m a crafter, my mother in law tells people, so my creations may be noticed. What if they’re not good enough? Or if he doesn’t like them? Those two cards still remain blank.

My logical brain is reminding me that I’ve made hundreds of cards in the past and they’re perfectly adequate, that any card is better than none, that he’s likely to not actually pay that much attention to each individual card when he’s getting a lot…  But those two cards still remain blank.

I’m stuck. Bath then bed, try again in the morning. For now, those two cards still remain blank

Sad news

I just wanted to apologise to my lovely blogging friends and followers. I’ll be absent and/or irregular for a while. After the IUI was a success both of us were absolutely made up. I had a scan last week and Dot was small, no discernible heartbeat. They repeated scan this Tuesday and I am so so sad to say I have lost my Little Dot.

I’ve got to go for an operation tomorrow to finish the pregnancy as the meds didn’t work. It’s likely to be a while till I am ready to face the world again

I won an award!

Thank you so much to Blinking Cat​ for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award! Such a lovely surprise. I really like Blinking Cat’s blog, she posts mainly about her crochet projects and I find they really make me want to get out my hook and yarn.

The rules for the award:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

I started my blog in April 2016. I don’t have any crafty friends, and I started blogging to try to meet other crafters, get ideas and inspiration from them (which I do so much from the blogs I follow) and to get a but of feedback on my own projects and hopefully give an occasional bit of inspiration myself. I’m really not techy and I wanted to prove to myself that I could do this on my own, so didn’t even tell His Lordship about my blog until I’d had it 6 months. I get so much pleasure from seeing other people’s creations and thoughts, and from reading the comments people leave.

I hadn’t really got much experience of blogging when I started and iit was a steep learning curve – I did initially start with another blog but I soon lost my way and it lasted very little time. My advice is from what I’ve learnt:

  • Read other peoples blogs. It’s a great way of finding out more about and expanding your own interests. Also, you’re much more likely to get visitors if you’re an active member of the community.
  • Write about what you love. It’s really obvious when people are passionate about their content and people are much more likely to come back if your blog is of interest to them and shows your personality.

I nominate the following 15 blogs. These people have been supportive of me in my blogging journey, have inspiring blogs, and deserve recognition 

  1. Paperpuff
  2. Stitching Granny
  3. Mrs Craft
  4. Kelley’s DIY
  5. Charlie Louisa Designs
  6. Kathy D
  7. Patricamanhire
  8. Happy Ink Designs
  9. Idle Emma
  10. Inked Treasures
  11. Brenna Crocheter
  12. From Scratch Cards
  13. Chris and Shana’s Craft Shack
  14. Emma’s Crafty Cards
  15. Ruthie’s Crafting Corner

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas

His Lordship and I are both working December 25th this year – healthcare, like so many other professions, doesn’t shut down. Yesterday (23rd) was the last time we really see each other till the 28th, so it was Christmas!

I admit I’ve been very influential (also known as bossy) in his purchases, but I am very excited by my pressies and can’t wait to start playing.

As you can see, I’ve got  willing assistant, too.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and all the best for 2017.

Inheriting someone’s stash

I had a message yesterday from my mother in law. A friend of hers is giving up her crafting stash and I’ve been offered it. The lady in question has said for me to look through and choose what I’d like, then donate anything else to a charity.

My immediate reaction was excitement. Free stash!!! And as some of you know, I’m crafting on thinner reserves than usual due to unfortunate placement of the Christmas tree, so having a whole new supply is amazing.

Today, though, as I was searching for the fat quarters I bought and hardly used, I got to thinking.

My own stash is one of my most personal things. It reflects the changes in my ability and style over time as well as fashions. It’s full of half done projects and those which i wasn’t happy with so put back to recycle. It shows off my OCD with meticulously labelled iitems and storage, but also my drawer of shame where I tidy to when time’s tight. My husband knows of very little of it; my crafting expenditure iis an area i stay shtum about.

I do share crafting prodcts, but I would never set someone free on my strash, I’d pull out things for them to use or choose from, limit their exposure to my crazy and I’d definitely not allow my drawer of shame to be aired.

I have no idea of the financial value of my stash, but it’s invaluable to me personally and I can’t imagine anyone rifling through it and passing judgement. 

So, I will accept my inheritance with a huge grin, but treat it with respect and I can see myself struggling to reject any for donation. 

Does anyone else feel the same emotional attachment to their stash? And how would you feel about inheriting a stranger’s stash?

Believe in magic


When I renewed my Create and Craft membership I wanted to use my £10 credit on something I had had my eye on for a while but not felt able to justify – Craftwork Cards’ Noir de Luxe collection.

I got my parcel and sat very happily looking through it, thinking of all the fabulous Christmas cards I’d be able to make. Then I decided I wanted to make the most of the collection and I looked back through it with different cards in mind.

My Tattered Lace Bunny die has been sitting in my stash, sadly underused. I have to admit I’m very broody at the minute – looks like we’re going down the IVF route and I can’t get babies off the brain.

The bunny, broodiness and ‘believe in magic’ sentiment all mushed together into a quirky baby card as shown above.

Here’s how I did it:
You need:
5×7″ white card blank
Noir de Luxe papercraft collection
Tattered Lace bunny die
Gold mirri card
White ribbon edged in gold
Dark grey cardstock
Black cardstock

How to:
1) Mat a piece of 121x173mm grey with white squiggles paper from Noir de Luxe onto a piece of black card stock 123x175mm.
2) Wrap a piece of ribbon around right hand side of page, attaching on the back to keep it neat. You want about 3mm of the grey showing to the right.
3) Die cut bunny from gold mirri card. Attach to a 89x60mm piece of dark grey cardstock.
4) Attach the Believe in Magic tag to the middle of the card.
5) Stick the rabbit topper from step 3 17mm in from top and both sides. This should cover the top of the tag and overlap the ribbon.
6) Now stick your work to the card blank et voila.