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Refinding an old love

Isn’t it strange how quickly you adopt a new lexicon when you’re in a new situation? Two years ago I had never heard of TTC OR TWW, any of those terms related to trying for a baby, but despite not accessing any of the websites or forums which support couples trying, the acronyms have become ingrained.

Anyway. I say this because I am in the middle of my two week wait – the period of time between a fertility treatment and the day you do a test. It’s a strange time, feels absolutely out of my control.

I have been keeping busy to keep my mind off things, and during the not very successful sorting out of my card making supplies, I found an old cross stitch magazine.

Cross stitch was my gateway craft, and I had forgotten just how much I enjoy it. I very quickly (as in 2 episodes of the classic bbc Pride and Prejudice) stitched a card…

and found I had itchy fingers wanting more. I do have a lot of threads and patterns, but apparently no Aida or linen, so a trip to Hobbycraft with a friend was in order.

I fell in love with this little Peter Rabbit design. I am very aware it’s really nursery decor, but I think I can get away with it as a card if necessary. Fingers crossed, though.

This little bunny is really nice and simple, counted cross stitch but with very few areas where you have to concentrate on leaving space forother colours. It came together really quickly, too.

I’ve definitely been reinfected with the cross stitch bug. Been on EBay and ordered more Aida as well as on Amazon to make use of Prime and order a beautiful birds kit which I intend to stitch and frame for my mother in-law- they both work for the rspb, it should go down well.
Update: I tested on Saturday and iit was negative, went for bloods Monday and it’s positive! Baby D due in November all being well, it’s incredibly early days, but I’m buzzing!!!