Using up stash. Slowly

With Little Dot expected in November, I am aware that I need to somehow create space in our house. The things of mine which are by far most bulky are my coats (one to go, the others are justifiable) and my crafting stash which is certainly not being donated away.

I’ve made a pact with myself to not buy any more, the purchase yesterday was before the pact… Instead I set myself the not so difficult challenge of using what I’ve got. Not only should this hopefully refuce the storage space needed (slightly), but I think it’ll be quite fun to revisit my old supplies.

Does anyone else buy things, get really excited bythem, then tidy them away and even at times forget all about them? I only do this with crafty bits, but I’m really bad for it.

I find kit cards as I call them, especially Hunkydory ones, can be fun for a one off quick make and tend to look pretty with little effort, but get a bit samey quickly, and I almost never seem to use more than one topper from a couple of pages before I tidy the kit away and get out a collection and dies where I can feel moree creative.

A while back I bought the Create and Craft member’s gift of Hunkydory Floral Breeze. It’s a pretty kit, lots of gorgeous flowers, bird houses, outdoors-y romantic scenes. I had made 3 cards before I put it away and forgot about it.

Today’s challenge to myself was to use up a page of toppers. I like to try to use the waste, get the most out of my stash, and this is Usk where I feel ii can add more of my own spin. Of the three cards I’ve made, one includes elements which came free with a magazine, the other two are purely from the kit, one using waste. 

The final photo is what’s left of the topper sheet. I will use it, but Dot’s making me feel far too icky for hunching over cards at the minute.


14 thoughts on “Using up stash. Slowly

  1. littleamanda7609

    I’m always finding bits and pieces stashed away and I am currently trying not to buy any more supplies but have failed miserably. However I am using things up as I find them and have plans for a few things. Hope you are okay

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  2. PaperPuff

    Oh I am exactly the same. Always want something new, can’t wait for it to arrive, and quite often don’t even use it when it does!! Your cards are very pretty, and, really, you did complete your challenge splendidly. Definitely you need to keep your stash intact!


  3. Nancee56

    What great cards! I love all three…quick and simple. I too, have so many stamps and other supplies! LOL! I keep thinking that I need to buy supplies while I am still working as when I retire, I probably won’t be able to. What an excuse! LOL! I have two boxes of stamps that I have pulled out of my stash that I am going to sell…hopefully. A lot of them I have never used! I made myself a promise last year that when I buy another stamp set that I am going to immediately stamp it so that I have the image all ready to color…works sometimes! LOL!


    1. Isn't She Crafty Post author

      Ages ago I decided I’d keep a file of am my stamps stamped out so I could flick through and see what I’ve got, but it didn’t happen, I got through about 3 sets and started making cards instead!

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  4. penny4you

    This is so me! I have an entire room dedicated to craft and work stuff and find myself squirreling more and more away ‘just in case’. I never throw any craft items away. I do find, though, over time I use it all eventually. Not necessarily for what I bought them for in the first place, but I do remember I have something in my stash and get to use it up. It may take years, though, and in the meantime I’ll have amassed another few hundred items… Well done for tidying up and congratulations!

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  5. Kim M

    Great makes using your stash. Do understand about Hunkydory so beautiful, but mine too end up being ‘saved’ instead turning to dies. You have inspired me to re-visit mine! 🙂

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