Masking oopses and uses

Inspired by the many stamped cards and projects with masking that I have seen recently, I decided to get out a magazine freebie which doesn’t get the use it should and have an experiment.

I measured the ‘Happy Birthday’ sentiment, and cut a piece of card as wide as the piece of card I was working on (122x173mm, to fit a 7×5 card blank) and as deep as the sentiment. I used masking tape to attach the card strip across my project, fixing it to the back – I’ve had too many oops moments when the tape hasn’t been as low tack as I thought and the front has had bits pulled off.

The pansy (I think, I’m not good with flowers) was stamped once on to my project, ensuring it overlapped the edge of my project and the masking strip. I then realised I needed a mask of the actual flower, so I stamped it onto a post-it and fussy cut it out. I covered indicate flowers on my project as I moved across. I actually found this fairly easy, and was surprised at how effective the layered up pansies look.

 Once I had covered my project in two rough rows of flowers, I chose 3 Spectrum Noir pens and coloured my flowers. Only once everything was coloured did I remove the masking strip and I was thrilled with it. I stamped the sentiment in the middle of the white area.

One of my flowers was smudged and even when colored was obviously wrong, so I stamped, coloured and fussy cut one flower, covering the oops one. I thought it looked effective standing proud of the others, the only one to overlap the sentiment blank area.

Unfortunately, I was concentrating so much on the flowers that I didn’t notice I’d got ink on my finger and was making lovely black marks across the bottom and sides of my project! I was pleased enough with the general look that I wanted to use it, so I trimmed off the edges which were badly marked, ending up with a much smaller topper, then I fussy cut the outside of the flower panel. This was then layered onto a square of white card using 3d foam pads for depth. 

I haven’t yet finished the card, but I am really pleased with my first attempt at a new technique. I think I’m going to stamp up a load of toppers and then I can have a day of assembling cards when mojo is low again.
โ€‹Thank you to Happy Ink Designs for telling me about her friend’s NBUS challenge (Never Been Used Schtuff). I am entering my card into this month’s challenge.


24 thoughts on “Masking oopses and uses

  1. IdleEmma

    Hate when that happens – you’re working away happily on a project only to realise when you lift your hand that there’s ink everywhere! It’s great when you can salvage things though and I think the card looks lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. PaperPuff

    This has a real ‘wow’ factor! I really like that you fussy cut the edges too. Actually the single overlapping flower looks like a totally intentional design feature!


  3. Happy Ink Designs

    I think it looks lovely. You did a great job of hiding your oops’. I have a friend that does this challenge a couple times a year called the NBUS challenge, which stands for Never Before Used Schtuff, but right now she’s doing a NBUS/Oops Challenge where she’s encouraging everyone to share their boo boos and/or NBUS creations. If you’re interested, you should check it out. This would be perfect for it!! It’s

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  4. fibee5

    Such a stunning card. Think I will be getting out my small flower stamps and sticky notes as i really want to give this a try. Thanks for the inspiration

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  6. Darnell J Knauss

    How exciting that you tried masking and did it so well with all these beautiful pansies, Michelle! Your “save” with the overlapping flower turned out to be a wonderful design feature! Thank goodness we often have the option of cutting down the panel to save our most precious focal point to reuse in some other way! Phew! (For me, it’s usually oopsing up the sediment after all that hard work, but snip goes the paper cutter and a new design is born!) My thanks to Misty for bringing you over to become a new friend and my thanks to you for being a good sport and sharing with us in the Boo Boo Hop and NBUS Challenge #11!! PS. Please let me know via an email to me if you add a “follow by email” (or subscribe) button so I can come back and sign up to be notified when you publish a new post. Thank you! Hugs, Darnell

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