Playing with new crafty products

I’m sorry it’s been a while since I posted. Real life got chaotic again. My bearded dragon was egg bound and the poor little creature had to be spayed, they found two necrotic eggs when they opened her up. There were lots of vets visits, and then lots of extra hours at work to past for it! Also, we’ve had yet another fertility treatment.

Anyway. I may not have been posting, but I’ve been crafting. And buying. 

One of my purchases was a set of three cut and emboss folders from XCut. There is an elegant lady one, a cottage window, and a steampunk cogs one in my set, although a mistake with mine means I’ve currently not got the window, but have two sets of cogs. All three of these give a cut out frame in the middle of an embossed panel, and some cut out details in the main panel.

The cogs one is my favourite anyway, I do love the steampunk style, it’s so fun to embellish and go all out with.

Gilding wax is one of the few mressy craft products I actually use; the others I love the idea of, and drool over other people’s makes, but they sit on my shelf looking pretty and gather dust. I invested in a new one yesterday, a red bronze Cosmic Shimmer metallic gilding polish which comes with a really useful little sponge in the lid to apply it with. 

I cut pieces of kraft card to fit the embossing folders, and passed them through my Big Shot. I’ve used the folders before and only needed one pass, but my machine isn’t as young as it was, and Kraft card is very fibrous, and I found I actually needed 6 passes to get a really good emboss and all the bits cut neatly. 

Once cut, I got out my heatproof mat to save my work surface (aka carpet) and my new gilding polish, then I put a fairly thin layer of the red bronze polish over, focusing on the raised areas. I also made sure the edges of the apart were coloured.

Now I had two lovely frames, I had to think of how to use the. I’ve got some Tim Holzt stamps which should look good behind them, and some steampunk Christmas stamps, but my mojo was quite low. Back to my trusty kits.

I bought the Kanban steampunk collection ages ago, it is great for quick cards with a bit of a twist. I put my frames against various toppers in the kit, and fell in love with two designs. I picked out complementary backing papers and I was ready.

Both toppers were round, which meant that some of the edge was visible through the cut out bits of the embossed area. I stuck the frames over, then trimmed out the areas which I didn’t want.

I used a very basic, simple design because of how wow the papers were. I cut pieces of the background papers to 121x171mm, and attached the frames central on these. I used a red bronze metallic card stock as a background layer (125x175mm, hollowed out because I can’t get hold of it anymore and it’s my absolute favourite), and I attached the whole card front to 7×5 card blanks. 

One card I made into a birthday card by adding a sentiment from the kit. The image I had used was of a pilot, so I decided to give the impression of a waving flag, or Biggles’s scarf, by bending the sentiment. This one, I added an insert to as well. The second card I wanted as a general greetings card, so I used my Dymo label printer to make what I felt was a fitting ‘hello old chap’.

I love heavily embellishing my steampunk designs, but both of these cards are to be posted and it’s a) expensive and b)  a good test of the adhesive I’ve used. I thought as the background papers were very detailed and so clearly steampunk that just a little twist would suffice. I added an aeroplane charm to the pilot card, and a key charm to the  other card which had locks and keys on the papers.

Finally, but which doesn’t show on the photos, I added glossy accents to the goggles of the pilot, and the gauge of the inventor.


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