Uses for my ever growing collection of scrapbook papers

I think all crafters have a weakness, something they can’t leave a shop without. My mother in law has hundreds of ball of wool (and cats, a bad mix), my friend Sarah has sparkles in every shade and size you can imagine. For me it’s scrapbook paper, and ribbon. 

I have bought myself several Christmas presents, including new papers, and His Lordship has bought me at least one (bought by me, given to him with a ‘look what you got me. Don’t you have good taste’). I hate to use up a paper pad, but I love the creations I can make; oh for the money and space to buy two of each, one to play and one to keep.

Anyway, I have decided to try to use some of my papers to make room. I thought I’d share the ways I use my collection. If anyone has any other ideas, or uses their papers for anything else interesting I’d love to hear about it.

  1. Scrapbooking. Probably the most obvious use, but I do this a lot. I love how I can show off my favourite papers this way, how I can use several papers on one page (the frugal crafter in me hollows the lower layers so as not to waste any paper).
  2. Cardmaking. Similar to scrapbooking, showcasing my favourites. The biggest difference for me between cards and scrapbooking iis that I embellish my scrapbooks much more, but I have fun playing with die cuts, toppers and stamped images with my paper collection with cards.
  3. Making embellishments. It’s easy to buy ready made toppers and decorations for papercraft projects, but I often want a different colour, or a different shape, plus I find it really therapeutic sitting and cutting out and sticking little bits to make embellishments (I tap my inner 5 year old). My Pinterest board  inspiration: cards: embellishments has lots of ideas for making embellishments.
  4. Die cutting. I used to shy away from patterned papers for die cutting, but as I’ve become more confident I use small, tight patterns even with some quite intricate dies, but I tend to keep bigger images for less fancy design dies. I like to play; often I find it’s by using patterns that I see different ways to cut into my die cuts.
  5. Making decorations for Christmas and other events – snowflakes, 3d snowflakes, baubles (I’ve got some dies for this, but I make some without), 3d paper trees.
  6. Decoupage. There are so many decoupage kits to buy, but I get a real sense of pride from fussy cutting images from my collection and layering up a bit to add depth to my makes.
  7. Bunting. Bunting is still fashionable, and I can understand why: it’s a cheap way of dressing a room or a space and it’s so easy to change the feel. It can be as simple or elaborate as you want. I love that I can really show off my collection. I can also bring in my  other craft addiction – ribbon.
  8. Making rosettes. These are fun, huge ones to use for party decorations, little ones as embellishments on cards, prizes for kids’ parties… I love that a little bit of glue and lots of folding can create something so wow looking in hardly any time.
  9. Making minibooks.
  10. Origami.
  11. Home decor. The other decoupage, the traditional one where you decorate something by gluing paper cuts outs (ripped edges work more easily) to it. Just framing those beautiful papers, especially iin a shadow box with an element of 3d decoupage, or added embellishments. Wrapping candle holders. Decorating time and boxes for storage…
  12. Making flowers.
  13. Confetti. Lots of little punched shapes, or die cut, to make envelope boobytraps; table decorations (I spent hours punching red and gold butterflies for my wedding table)…
  14. Make cupcake wrappers
  15. Making gift boxes
  16. Making gift bags
  17. Making advent pockets.
  18. Making envelopes.
  19. Making paper lanterns. I love that there are various types, from simple one sheet ones which I’ve made since I was tiny to ones with a template and lots of cutting and sticking.
  20. Making paper chains.
  21. Paper beads. This is such a good way of using scraps. I love how each bead looks totally different.
  22. A child’s (or young at heart adult’s) mobile.
  23. Making magnets.
  24. Gift tags.
  25. Bookmarks. Yes, you can simply cut a rectangle and call it a bookmark, but I like to get a bit more creative and layer panel dies over papers, or make little origami book corners.
  26. Game boards (like noughts and crosses, draughts…). I made a version of noughts and crosses for my unicorn and butterfly loving friend – die cut butterflies and fussy cut stamped unicorns as the counters with a purple board with a 3×3 grid marked on  
  27. Storage/presentation boxes. There’s so many possibilities with this, from simple folding to woven baskets.
  28. Pinwheels. Big ones, little card embellishments, 
  29. Photo mounts.
  30. Making photo frames.
  31. Paper lollies. I don’t know a different name for these, I cut circles and fold the edges up to make a triangle in the middle, then stick the folded bits to the next circle, gradually creating a globe.

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