Making Cards Magazine December 2016

When my copy of Making Cards Magazine (MCM for speed) drops through my door, I put the free papers to one side and read the magazine first, leaving the middle pages (ideas on how to use your free papers) till last. For some reason, I always read magazines back to front, so I read the introduction last!

Only once I’ve read the whole thing and made a mental shopping list off everything I would love to buy from that issue do I allow myself to look at the free papers. I find myself looking through them several times, starting to plan projects and sometimes getting out my ribbon stash to match colours.

The December issue arrived at the start of the month. I was so excited to find that my Pinterest board was highlighted! I like MCM as I get papers I’d not choose for myself, it forces me out of my comfort zone, especially when the designs are bright and modern, or very bold patterns.

After my excited waving the magazine at His Lordship and being made a congratulatory cup of tea, I looked through the free papers. This month the two collections are All That Glitters and Best Friends. The first is a beautiful, elegant collection of blacks, whites, golds and pinks, the latter a very cute but also quite grown up collection based around a child and a snowman.

I was really keen to get crafting, but I was waiting on my delivery from Create and Craft of Kanban mirri board (3 for 2 on a kilo of each!!!). I knew it would be the perfect compliment for the All That Glitters collection. I did let myself cut out the toppers, though.

The Best Friends collection is more traditional in colour, reds, blues and greens. Now these colours I had on hand, so here’s some pictures (starting with the actual collection) of my cards so far… I’ll choose one and do a more detailed write up at a later date.

I have made four cards so far (busy and very fun afternoon of crafting, making the year’s first batch of mince pies and wrapping some presents whilst watching Christmas films), adding only acetate and craft stash basics.

I’ve got 4 toppers left, and lots of background papers, and I’d love to another afternoon like today, but I am more likely to have time for one card here and there. 


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